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Australia’s Shrinking Rainforests

If you know me, you know that I mostly shoot concrete jungles, but actual jungles are fascinating. Australia has some impressively weird flora and fauna. I was lucky enough to take a trip to the rainforest and snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef! On the way, I saw green tree frogs, giant clams, sea turtles, a tree of fruit bats, and my personal favorite, several platypii.  The platypus is one of my favorite animals and I was so excited to finally see one in real life! (They don’t seem to notice humans if you stand still, which doesn’t bode well for their survival.) The most incredible part was that all of these lovely creatures were in the wild.


^ He’s so litto!

Australia has a reputation for being a place full of deadly creatures but it’s actually very safe. The most “dangerous” animal you’d be lucky to run across would be a jackal, but they avoid humans. Our wildlife tour guide, a Biology PhD with a gentle German accent, described how the only person who had died by snake bite in the past few years had essentially won himself a Darwin Award. He’d found a poisonous-looking snake in his yard, ignored its warning behavior, picked up the snake, and got bitten…. and then decided to pick it up again.

It’s amazing how much biodiversity exists in these small pockets of rainforest and coral. Before I visited Australia, I hadn’t seen many of the species that are native to the island, such as the cassowary and the wombat. It was a mind-bending experience seeing a wombat for the first time and realizing I had no idea what it was, or looking down through the clear water and appreciating just how massive giant clams really are.

It was a magical experience getting to see the wildlife in Australia’s rainforests and coral reefs. Even the plants there are incredibly diverse and different. Unfortunately the country’s small pockets of biodiversity are rapidly shrinking as the population of Australia explodes, and the animals’ habitats are threatened by the warmer climate change. For example, the derpy little platypus is now on the warning list for endangered species as Australia’s water pools shrink with the warming climate.

You hear about it all the time but it’s different to see the animals in front of you, right next to areas decimated by deforestation and covered in cows on dairy farms that are losing money. It’s tragic. If I ever get the chance to one day, I’d love to do more to help protect these creatures and the little remaining biodiversity on our earth.

If you are interested, please donate with me to protect the rainforest by purchasing land for conservation!


^Fern or tree?

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