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Things I Learned From Keto

I tried keto for one week, and not only got great results, but learned a lot of things along the way. This is the article of my learning.

  1. If you are hungry, eat more fat. Before when I tried to limit calories, I would often fail and make ramen at night because I’d be hungry. But now I understand that if you want to be full, you should just eat more fat. Avocados, sugarless nut butters, bacon… These all keep you full, for longer. That way you don’t end up getting late night munchies because you’re starving. You’re just full and don’t need to eat as many calories.
  2. What you eat is very important and affects you greatly. Potassium deprivation is a thing. When I was in ketosis, I got headaches, fatigue, and my legs cramped up until I could barely walk, much less exercise. I was taking Magnesium supplements and tracking my macros, so I knew I was in a Potassium deficiency. Before, I’d always hear things like ‘Bananas cure soreness’ and I’d think yes, sure. But feeling just how bad one week of Potassium-deficiency can make you feel made me understand just how everything we eat is so important in how it affects our body. This repeated what I learned when I tried to be vegan and fainted after 3 weeks of protein deficiency and lost all of my muscle. What you eat is very important and we should all be more careful about what we put in our bodies.
  3. Carbs and especially processed sugar are bad for you long-term. A lot of people say, “Eating carbs can’t be bad, look at asians, they eat lots of rice and are thin.” That may be partially true, but it’s not the full picture. A lot of the people in my life have been pre-Type 2 Diabetes, and Alzheimers runs in my family. Eating a lot of rice and sweets causes insulin spikes which causes your body to become insulin resistant and can lead to Type 2 Diabetes. My grandmother had both Type 2 Diabetes and Alzheimers, and she was notable for having a sweet tooth. My mom is thin, and similarly was pre-type 2 Diebetes before cutting out carbs. Similarly, a keto diet is often used to treat epilepsy, because sugar affects your brain. Additionally, eating too much sugar can lead to wrinkles and increased risk of cancer.
  4. Track your macros. I think one of the greatest gleanings I’ve gotten from this experiment is to track my macros and calories. Before I often ate whatever I wanted. I did some light monitoring but I wasn’t being real with how much I was consuming. I’d casually eat a cupcake that someone left at work and didn’t realize how much it was all adding up.

In conclusion, I am excited to take these learnings to eat healthier and have a better lifestyle. I am making modifications to my diet and seeing where they lead me! Here’s to a healthier, longer life!

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