Victoria Hu

Hi! I like to build things and solve problems. I currently do data analytics for Twilio in SF. Specifically, I use a combination of product management, data analysis, and operations to tackle our fraud and payments challenges. I’m also a Cal alumn, entrepreneur, and writer. Low-key obsessed with AR/VR. Here are a few things I’m involved with:

  • Cofounder of Axent Wear – Raised $3.4 million on Indiegogo, one of the top 100 highest funded campaigns in history. Product now sold at Brookstone with a line for Ariana Grande.
  • Leading a guerrilla international PR campaign – Led a successful grassroots campaign for father’s release from China that was covered by the Associated Press; worked with human rights nonprofit foundations, the U.S. embassy, the press, and more, and garnered over 60,000 signatures on change.org. 
  • Making inappropriate memes on 9gag – College marketing internship. Created tailored content specifically for targeted ages 17-24, male, millennial viewers, accumulating over 1.4 million views for the platform, embarrassing myself, and hopefully making people lol.

I hope to build things that improve other peoples’ lives by allowing them to pursue  deeply fulfilling activities and careers.

The purpose of this blog is to help me solidify my learning from books I’ve read (tag: book notes) or other materials, reflect on current events, and share my accomplishments or pitfalls in my journey to making a dent in the universe.




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